AgDNA Field Testing – How AgDNA is working with farmers to develop new cost saving farm management techniques

Since late 2014, AgDNA has been working diligently with farmers, crop producers and farm equipment dealers to develop and fine tune new mobile based farming methodologies for the agricultural industry.

The aim was to create a single platform for all farm managers worldwide to accurately auto-record all of their farming activities, and to overlay this information with data pulled in from every piece of equipment at their disposal on their farm.

The result is the AgDNA Precision platform – a digital representation of a user’s farm, collating spatial information from farm machinery, weather satellites, soil probes and field boundaries, and measuring them against the underlying expenditure of the grower’s season.

john deere case agriculture agdna

AgDNA Control Panel

With fine tuning and real world testing, AgDNA believes that there is a single one-app solution that can tie in unrelated and un-supported data into a singular platform.

Defining the problem, and how real world testing is turning the tide on the market downturn

As of Christmas 2014, several farm machinery dealers have partnered with AgDNA and have provided them with real world testing opportunities. The feedback from farmers in the field has been critical in developing new methodology; utilizing the resources of these suppliers, AgDNA has become the first to visually overlay multiple equipment datasets into a single environment for immediate comparison.

john deere case agriculture farming agdna

AgDNA dataset overlay

The real world testing has also brought to light the most crucial concern facing growers in real world farming situations: the desire for better farm management techniques is not derived from a grower’s ability to be competitive, but is derived from a genuine concern that both their business and livelihoods are at stake in the current economic downturn. In other words better agribusiness models are required to not only stop the agricultural sector from sinking, but to stop the lives of the families invested within it from sinking too.

john deere case agriculture farming agdna

AgDNA extended reporting functions

This genuine real world feedback was important in creating additional reporting functions – AgDNA, more than any other management application, has broken down farm activities to an even greater degree. Farmers have the ability to not only auto-record their equipment activities, but they can break down that data to the nth degree with multiple crop inputs, definitive units of measure for seed application, and even tank mix percentages for sprayer applications.

Results of real world testing, and the launch of AgDNA 3.0

AgDNA will be regularly updating the real world feedback and results of its testing phase here in the AgDNA blog.

All of this is culminating towards the launch of AgDNA 3.0 – which will cement itself as the world’s premiere mobile and online farm management application.

agdna farming agribusiness

AgDNA Version 3.0

AgDNA hopes that by creating a free service for all growers, the real world experiences of farmers and suppliers, such as Tennessee Tractor, will create better agribusiness methodology and help combat the lean forecasts for upcoming seasons.

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What’s new on AgDNA – Drawing Field Boundaries

AgDNA is pleased to introduce a brand new way of creating and editing your field boundaries using your online account; now you can simply draw the boundaries of your field using our all new Point and Click interface.

The all new system gives you even greater accuracy when creating your boundaries, something that in the long run makes AgDNA the most accurate way of calculating and managing every aspect of your farming operation to the minutest details.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1Click the Add Button (+) in the top right of your map navigation toolbar

field boundary farming softwareThe Add Button is your way of creating brand new data and editing existing data for your farm. From our updated control panel, select the ‘Field’ option in the center ‘Setup’ column. Some of you however may still see a previous version of the Control Panel; this just means your account is in the process of updating to our new updated design, so don’t fret. If so, simply click on the ‘Field’ option under the ‘Add Work’ heading.

Step 2Click on the Draw Field button

draw field farmingWhether you’re creating a new field or editing an old one, the “Draw Field” button located in the ‘Location’ section of the page will instantly take you to a new window that allows you to draw or edit your boundaries.

Step 3Draw your field boundary

agdna software iphone onlineWith every click of your mouse, the point and click tool will add a new waypoint around your field. You can use the scaling options on the right hand side to zoom in closer and trace around your boundary with precise detail. To complete your boundary, simply connect the border around your field so the last waypoint intersects with your start point, and the software will automatically generate the finished boundary and calculate the total area. When you’re ready, click ‘Save’.

Step 4Edit your field data and save

field boundaries management farmOnce you’ve drawn or edited your field, you can now input the rest of your data and click ‘Save’.

Of course the draw tool doesn’t just add new fields – you can come back and redraw your field boundaries at any time.