What’s new on AgDNA – Drawing Field Boundaries

AgDNA is pleased to introduce a brand new way of creating and editing your field boundaries using your online account; now you can simply draw the boundaries of your field using our all new Point and Click interface.

The all new system gives you even greater accuracy when creating your boundaries, something that in the long run makes AgDNA the most accurate way of calculating and managing every aspect of your farming operation to the minutest details.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1Click the Add Button (+) in the top right of your map navigation toolbar

field boundary farming softwareThe Add Button is your way of creating brand new data and editing existing data for your farm. From our updated control panel, select the ‘Field’ option in the center ‘Setup’ column. Some of you however may still see a previous version of the Control Panel; this just means your account is in the process of updating to our new updated design, so don’t fret. If so, simply click on the ‘Field’ option under the ‘Add Work’ heading.

Step 2Click on the Draw Field button

draw field farmingWhether you’re creating a new field or editing an old one, the “Draw Field” button located in the ‘Location’ section of the page will instantly take you to a new window that allows you to draw or edit your boundaries.

Step 3Draw your field boundary

agdna software iphone onlineWith every click of your mouse, the point and click tool will add a new waypoint around your field. You can use the scaling options on the right hand side to zoom in closer and trace around your boundary with precise detail. To complete your boundary, simply connect the border around your field so the last waypoint intersects with your start point, and the software will automatically generate the finished boundary and calculate the total area. When you’re ready, click ‘Save’.

Step 4Edit your field data and save

field boundaries management farmOnce you’ve drawn or edited your field, you can now input the rest of your data and click ‘Save’.

Of course the draw tool doesn’t just add new fields – you can come back and redraw your field boundaries at any time.