What’s new on AgDNA – Print your field maps

Using your online AgDNA account, create field reports and print directly from your MyFarm Map Screen .

Using the Print Option located on the right hand side of your Navigational Taskbar, create a report and instantly print a complete view of your farm. Simply hit PRINT, select the overlay information you want layered over the top of your map, and use the Print options provided when your report loads in your browser.

Printing field maps is a great way of increasing the productivity of your farm, and a very simple way of creating accurate records of your farming season.

How to Print out a copy of your fields using your online account:

1. Hit the PRINT icon on your top navigational taskbar

farm agdna print agriculture online gps2. Select the important field information you want selected in your printout

farm agdna farming agricultre gps mapping3. Hit the PRINT option from your report window – once your report tab has loaded, simply use the PRINT option provided to send your print job to your printer

agdna farming print mapping gps john deereSee more exciting features now at AgDNA