Upgraded GPS Tracking – An all new version of AgDNA available from the app store

agdna upgrade farm agricultureAt AgDNA we’ve been working hard to make improvements to our services that benefit you, the grower. As harvest season fast approaches we realize it’s important to update features of the app and website that require extra attention. With that in mind, AgDNA would like to introduce you to AgDNA Version 2.1.2

What’s been updated

Recent changes to iOS 8 meant that some GPS tracking services for iPhone and iPad either stopped working, behaved irrationally, or returned invalid results. AgDNA v.2.1.2 fixes this problem, meaning your automated GPS activities can resume and your day to day automated recording can go on unaffected.

What’s new

With better iOS 8 integration comes better processing and app manageability. The new AgDNA allows for smooth transition between pages, and more visibility with GPS tracking and activity recording.

To update your AgDNA App, simply hit the update tab in your App Store Application, or visit the AgDNA App Store here

Improvements to your online account

AgDNA has also been working hard to introduce new features into your online AgDNA account, including Irrigation Filters, Printed Field Maps, and Drawn Field Boundaries

AgDNA mobile farming platform goes global

AgDNA News Release – December 2013

The AgDNA precision crop management tool for mobile devices is taking the farming world by storm.

Since AgDNA was launched by founder Paul Turner less than six months ago, the cloud-based program has registered users in more than 80 countries with six million acres of farmland boundary mapped.

The growth rate of one million acres a month is set to accelerate with the launch of a version for Android smartphones and tablets to complement the original system developed for iPhone and iPad.

To help build international penetration, AgDNA was showcased at the world’s biggest farm machinery show, Agritechnica, which attracted more than 450,000 visitors to Hanover in Germany in November.

“Our mobile farming platform has excited a lot of interest and feedback in the European farming community,” Mr Turner said.

The intuitive software is a free download from the AppStore or Google Play and can be used for a number of applications each month at no charge.  Inexpensive subscription plans are available for larger farms and power users.

Mr Turner said the technology had unique features, including the ability to track machinery operating in the field in real time using the mobile device’s GPS, linking multiple users to a single account and displaying season activities for each field.

“It allows farmers to make full use of the ever increasing amount of electronic data being generated in modern agricultural systems.

“It brings all this data together in a usable form to help the farm business run more smoothly,” said Mr Turner who has an extensive background in precision farming and was a pioneer in the development of GPS auto-steering technology in Australia and the USA.

New data only needs to be entered into the AgDNA system once and if there is no internet connection it automatically uploads when the device comes back into range.

“The program can be accessed by multiple operators, including work groups in the field, agronomists and advisers, in packing sheds and processing facilities.

“This makes for easy planning and coordination of farming activities,” Mr Turner said.

Once the field boundaries on a property have been mapped or imported other information such as soil profiles, irrigation and fertilser applications can be overlaid to provide a complete picture.

Weather data can also be added to build a detailed history of how individual crops have performed across the seasons.

“We are working closely with machinery manufacturers so that electronic data being generated on crop yields or fertiliser application or spray rates can be readily up loaded to the AgDNA program.

“A lot of this technology is now invisible. The capability is built into the machinery and it is just a matter of collating it all into a format that the farmer can use to help in their decision making.

“AgDNA is an extremely powerful farm management tool when all the data comes together. Information that might otherwise take months to assemble can be captured as it is generated,” Mr Turner said.

All the data is stored in a secure account on the internet where it can’t be lost or corrupted, with access password protected.

“When it comes to meeting external demands such as quality assurance or product traceability, all the information needed about the history of a particular crop can be extracted with ease.”

“We are continuing to work closely with farmers, agronomists, retailers and service providers to increase the information gathering potential of AgDNA as more and more electronic data is generated.”

“The potential productivity gains, improved yields and timely access to critical farm data using mobile devices and connected data services is huge.

“AgDNA is quickly being recognised as an industry leader in this space and we are committed to helping growers around the world to access their farm data wherever and whenever they want,” Mr Turner said.

AgDNA chief executive Paul Turner with a visitor to the Agritechnica farm show, Dr Armin Werner, manager of precision agriculture with Lincoln Agritech in Christchurch, New Zealand.

AgDNA chief executive Paul Turner with a visitor to the Agritechnica farm show, Dr Armin Werner, manager of precision agriculture with Lincoln Agritech in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Farm Planning, Recording, Sharing on iPhone and iPad

Now you can plan your upcoming season and share it with your crop advisor, farm hands and equipment operators.  Using their own mobile device your entire workforce can track their activities against your account.  No more double entry or missing data.  Record your entire cropping cycle complete with full color maps, detailed activity entries, mapped GPS field work, scouting and more.  All on your iPhone or iPad and securely backed up to the cloud.

iPhone4S x3 Fields (LowRes)

AgDNA’s automated data syncing capabilities means everyone is always using the latest information.  Imagine seeing the activities of your entire workforce all appearing in a single location on your iPhone, iPad or web browser – all live!

As a farm owner or manager AgDNA becomes the must have tool to keep up to date with day-to-day activities.  Simply press the field you’re interested in and the comprehensive field activity dashboard shows the status of all jobs for the season.  See at a glance upcoming activities, jobs underway or those that are overdue.

Finally a mobile farming tool that delivers all your vital information in the palm of your hand wherever you are.  AgDNA will be available in the AppStore in early 2013.   To be one of the first to hear when the app is released, visit agdna.com and register for updates or follow us on Twitter @myagdna.

Make better farming decisions using your iPhone

Precision agriculture and it’s associated tools have come a long way in the past 15 years. Everything from yield monitors to auto-steer to spray rate controllers.  Despite some of the early equipment issues and complexities, efficiencies have been gained, inputs have been reduced and yields have increased.  Yes, precision ag is coming of age.

But have you ever considered how much specialized hardware and computing power is locked up in tractor cabs around the world? It can be more than a little frustrating to spend thousands of dollars on the latest technology only to have it permanently locked away in the tractor cab.

Imagine if you could carry at least some of your precision farming system with you.  What if you could monitor all of your farming activities live from wherever you are? What if you could access all of your farming history season-after-season in the palm of your hand?  Well, you will soon!

The AgDNA app for iPhone and iPad allows farmers and vehicle operators to track their in-field activities using GPS position. When wirelessly connected to the web, AgDNA automatically synchronises all location based job activities to the cloud in real-time without any additional hardware.

So if you’re a grower, equipment operator or contractor now you can keep track of all your machinery activities.  Track your location throughout the field and seamlessly store all of your records to the cloud for retrieval and viewing latter on.

For farm managers and owners, now you can see all of your operators and equipment around the farm in real-time.  See which machine is moving or stationary, where they are, the speed they’re travelling and the activity underway.  No more guess work – make informed decisions based on real-time location data!

AgDNA is a free app that empowers farmers and machinery operators of all shapes and sizes around the world to enjoy the benefits of mobile asset tracking and wireless data management. From large broad acre farming to horticulture, row cropping to turf management, hobby farming to roadside maintenance, AgDNA has you covered.

The app is undergoing final testing and will be submitted to the app store in early 2013.  To be one of the first to hear when the app is available to download, visit agdna.com and register for updates or follow us on Twitter @myagdna.